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Coco Peat, renowned under various names, including coconut fibre, coir fibre, or simply coir, is a non-fibrous, lightweight corky material made from the shell of the coconut fruit. It is a 100% organic, natural, and bio-degradable by-product of the Coconut Fibre Extraction from a substantial source. Cocopeat has widespread popularity in uses of landscaping, horticulture, and hydroponics. It also serves as a superior drainage capabilities, effectively reducing the risk of waterlogging. This attribute proves particularly valuable for plants with heightened susceptibility to excess moisture, ensuring ideal conditions for their growth and development.

Top Manufacturer of Coco Peat in Doha

Ecomilagro is one of the leading cocopeat manufacturers in Doha that constantly produce the best quality cocopeat products suitable for various applications. Cocopeat blocks, cocopeat bricks, and cocopeat grow bags are some of the widely known product of cocopeat available at our store. It is as valuable resource product, sustainable, and eco-friendly, used in various agricultural and landscaping sectors.

Being a top manufacturer of high-quality coco peat products in Doha, Qata, our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility has catered to various agricultural and horticultural needs.

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Our cutting-edge manufacturing facility boasts advanced machinery and state-of-the-art technology, resulting in our coco peat products attaining the pinnacle of quality standards. We procure our raw materials exclusively from reputable and certified coconut farms, ensuring that our offerings are crafted from the finest coir fibers available in the market. Employing a meticulous manufacturing process, we create highly coveted coco peat blocks, briquettes, and loose coco peat, renowned for their exceptional water retention capabilities, superior aeration properties, and abundance of valuable nutrients.

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