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An array of high-quality coconut fiber-based farming and gardening supplies,
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Manufacturing and exporting an array of high-quality coconut fiber-based farming and gardening supplies


Ecomilagro is India’s premier producer and exporter of Coir and Coco Peat based products. Our Coco Peat soil substrates provide a sustainable solution to modern farming problems. Our range of products include Coco Peat based growing mediums and Coir Fiber based organic garden articles such as pots and seedling trays. Our manufacturing facilities are based in South India, and it is from this base that we serve our customers across the globe. Coco Peat based growing mediums are the latest, most economical and effective means of farming, gardening and landscaping. Given their organic nature, water retention capabilities, and resistance to diseases and pests, Coco Peat based products have the potential to revolutionise farming practices. It is the most suitable & sustainable alternative to widely used growing mediums like Peat Moss, Rock Wool, etc. By utilising Coco Peat, a by-product of the Coir Fibre making process, we ensure that our products are as green and sustainable as they come.

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Our Product Range

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